50th Anniversary Event

It was a day of celebration for the owners, numerous employees, collaborators, clients, suppliers, and officials who attended the event.

VTN Europe – June 24th 2023 - 50th Anniversary Event.

50 years of activity for a company is an important milestone that VTN Europe celebrated on June 24th at their premises in Sovizzo and Villa Curti.

50esimo anniversario di VTN Europe

It was a day of celebration for the owners, numerous employees, collaborators, clients, suppliers, and officials who attended the event.

This anniversary is a source of pride for our territory and its economic fabric, providing prosperity, jobs, and a focus on social welfare and collaboration with institutions. Congratulations to Doris Lunardi Vaccaro, her children Matteo, Elisa, and Antonio, and all their collaborators, with a special thought for Nerio, the founder of VTN.

At the Company

A warm day in late June welcomed the many guests to VTN's 50th-anniversary celebration, which started in the main plant in Cagnano di Pojana Maggiore, specially set up as an auditorium for the occasion. It was a gathering for employees, Italian and foreign suppliers, and clients who constitute the fabric of this company founded by Nerio Vaccaro (who passed away prematurely in 2011) and carried on by his wife Doris Lunardi and their children Elisa, Matteo, and Antonio. Among the attending officials were regional councilor Marco Zecchinato, who presented a recognition from the Veneto Region to Mrs. Doris, as well as the mayors of Noventa, Mattia Veronese, and Pojana, Paola Fortuna, and Luca Zoppelletto, President of the Eastern-Vicentine group of Vicenza Confindustria Association, who highlighted that "50% of the industries in Vicenza are in the metalworking sector."

The event began with a letter from the President of Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, congratulating them on reaching this milestone. Doris Lunardi and the CEO Giancarlo Favaro then took the floor, retracing the history of VTN, with its successes, experiments, and challenging moments, always believing in their reality and those who work there. Paola Fortuna, also a teacher at ITC Masotto in Noventa, recalled how VTN was among the first companies to believe in the early experiments of school-work alternation, concluding with a touching memory of Nerio Vaccaro by Mattia Veronese: "Remember that I started from a garage."

The Factory Tour

Facilities guided tours divided into different groups of people were led by VTN Employees later in the afternoon.

The staff explained the various stages of production to the audience. Everything was properly showcased, from order arrivals to initial processing, welding, finishing, painting, warehousing, and equipment repair; all of this in a series of clean and orderly environments.

The Celebration at Villa Curti

The festivities continued in the evening with a dinner at the 16th-century Villa Curti in Sovizzo, where guests were welcomed by stilt walkers and whimsically costumed performers, as well as an all-female string quartet, which entertained with classical repertoire. Preceded by a buffet in the villa's park, the dinner took place under the arches with over 200 people.

The cutting of the cake marked the end of the dinner, preceded by thanks from Doris Lunardi and her family, and accompanied by an evocative video that retraced the company's history, reaffirming the motto "Thinking out of the box."

The celebration concluded with a performance by professional dancers to the tune of "Nessun dorma" from Turandot, followed by fireworks and a DJ set that kept the guests dancing until the late hours.