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Plus Line

A selection of Demolition Attachments equipped with Booster, the pressure intensiffier for better performance during your activity

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VTN appoints new distributor in UK

We are delighted to announce that Blue Machinery and Murray Plant (A Blue Scotland Company) have been appointed as distributors for VTN attachments throughout the UK. — 10 Gennaio 2023.

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Always.. in A Different Way

As we all know, this has been a special year for everyone. This difficult period is making us experience new situations and emotions that until recently we would never have expected. — 22 Dicembre 2020.

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Demolition Line with Booster – NEW PLUS LINE

When a product works his evolution is almost obvious. This is what happened in VTN, and was to be expected, with the Plus line. — 10 Giugno 2020.

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Up to now we have managed to guarantee the continuity of production, service and assistance.. — 23 Marzo 2020.

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It was challenging, but we knew it and we had prepared for it. We were hoping for a good response but without remaining disappointed. Now we can say it without hiding anymore: it was a success for VTN, indeed a great success and we are proud of it. From the first to the last day… — 29 Aprile 2019.

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A Different Way – New Branding

Successes and achievements should be celebrated, especially when they demonstrate tangibly people, values, commitment and dedication. — 28 Maggio 2018.

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VTN Europe becomes new member of EDA

The company will participate in the DDR Forum & Expo 2017 as exhibitor of the event. — 27 Luglio 2017.

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One Idea, More Solutions

Discover the new models of CK Series. — 21 Marzo 2017.

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Professionell Demolering – CK serier

Den nya CK-serien innehåller 3 modeller (för maskiner från 13 till 38 t) med vardera 5 käftar. — 04 Ottobre 2016.

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CK Series – The New Combi kit

“MULTIPURPOSE” is the adjective that has inspired VTN Europe for the development and design of the NEW Combi Kit multitool; — 29 Aprile 2016.

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Hospital Highlights – Earthmovers magazine

Sporting a VTNFP24 pulveriser and starting from the grable end of the Langham Ward. — 07 Ottobre 2015.

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VTN: Over 40 years of experience

VTN Europe is a family business specialized in the production of equipment for excavators and wheel loaders. VTN today mainly deals with demolition and recycling, exporting all over the european continent. — 17 Settembre 2015.

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Original VTN Spare Parts

Our Spare Parts Service has been created to supply easily and quickly the worldwide network of VTN dealers keeping all technical data always updated. A vast warehouse of Original Spare Parts ready to stock your needs. Fast delivery all over the world. Dedicated technical service to help find and choose the correct spare part.

Spare Parts Service


We provide technical assistance with our specialized Service Team for repairs, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. Our goal is to ensure the maximum performance of our customers' attachments providing a service that is suited to their needs, through maintenance, supply of original spare parts, job-site visits, repairs carried out by technicians. Contact our customer service to receive all the information you need.

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