A Different Way – New Branding

Successes and achievements should be celebrated, especially when they demonstrate tangibly people, values, commitment and dedication.

Successes and achievements should be celebrated, especially when they demonstrate tangibly people, values, commitment and dedication.

45 years of activity have a specific weight and thickness. The double figure inspires respect and invites reflection.

In the epoch of everything and immediately, today there are and tomorrow we will see, who is able to assert itself, resist and stand out for almost half a century has undoubtedly a march more.

What is the secret of the success of VTN, a leading Vicenza-based company in the construction equipment industry, founded in 1973 by Nerio Vaccaro? The answer is simple, but far from obvious.


Because it’s true: successes and goals deserve to be celebrated, but they must above all represent a push forward, an opportunity to set themselves new goals. The goal is never the arrival, but always a new departure. Visually it is a sort of precious milestone set along the road, to mark the step of what has been done and show us the path that remains to be travelled. The strength of those who have already built their own solid role on the world scene – and is recognized as a reference model in the sector – is precisely this: not considering ever arrived, do not stop at the acquired results, always have the desire and the need to change, to innovate, to explore new terrain. VTN today more than ever there is. And she is ready to collect her umpteenth challenge. For its 45 years, in addition to the candles on the cake, it has made a significant gift: at the international fair in Paris, INTERMAT, is presented with a new logo and a fascinating commitment, declined in three simple words: a different way.

A motto, an invitation written in clear letters under the company code.

A watershed between past, present and future.

We can read it as we prefer, but for VTN it is almost a warning that the company turns to itself, not to forget the vocation for change.

Strong of that there, ready to do even more (in the ears of many still resounds the old payoff that accompanied the previous logo: make more), but in a different perspective.

It is perhaps only a matter of accents, of priorities: not so much the quantum, but rather the how.

Different today, in the company, there are the approach, the involvement, the desire to question a second generation that collects the values ​​of the predecessors and animates them with new life.

Changing means listening, welcoming, accepting, transforming, renewing.

To change means to be receptive, flexible, available.


Changing means above all opening: to new possibilities, new solutions, new research, new countries and new markets in which to be close and present.All this without ever betraying your own story.A story made of unique models signed VTN, of high technical and quality level, appreciated because able to meet all the needs of the shipyard.

A range of products that stands out from any other, for the care and attention to detail, the quality of workmanship, the excellence of the after-sales service.But today’s story is tinged again: because diversity – of approach and thought – means strength.

Diversity is a quality that must be protected, preserved and lived for what it is: a value.

So happy birthday, VTN! And still a hundred of these days!