Series SC

  • 4 interchangeable jaw kits
  • Compact design 360° rotation
  • Quick and reliable working cycles (Speed Valve)
  • Reversed and fully protected cylinders
  • Reversible and interchangeable crushing teeth and cutting blades
  • Easily accessible hydraulic system
  • Low maintenance

The SC is a multi-processor that can tackle all types of demolition, from Primary to Secondary and Selective (Strip out). It consists of a main body equipped with two cylinders to which different types of jaws can be fitted for the most diverse demolition activities, crushing, cutting, and recycling of concrete and steel structures and artefacts. The SC's versatility allows it to work on different types of materials, from the least resistant to the more tenacious, ensuring the maximum efficiency in terms of operation and working time. Its technology helps to reduce the environmental impact and increase the overall productivity of demolition operations. With the VTN SC, operators can work with greater safety, precision, and flexibility, reducing the use of auxiliary equipment.

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